Pure Honey 500g

Product SKU: 01000101
  • Protect against damage of liver cells as well as the virus infection, asthma, gastric, treats the cold flu, rough, rheumatic fever, respiratory infections and inflammation problems.
  • Suitable for the whole family to consume.


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Pure Honey 500g

Pure Honey

  • Prevents constipation problems, facilitates the digestion & assimilation of other foods, enhances metabolism of lung, throat as well as our stomach


  • 改善便秘症状;有助于促进对其他食物的消化和吸收以及帮助改善肺部、喉部及胃部的新陈代谢。

Madu Asli

  • Membantu mencegah masalah sembelit ,melancarkan fungsi penghadaman danasimilasi makanan-makanan lain serta meningkatkan proses metabolisme dalam peparu, tekak dan juga perut.

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