Nestled among the cool climate of Genting Highlands and rainforest trees in the hilly terrain of Peninsular Malaysia’s longest mountain range, Happy Bee Farm, Insect World & Butterfly Wonderland welcomes visitors with busy honey-making bee colonies where children and adults can enjoy the natural goodness of honey cultivated in the farm; view a vast collection of unique and weird insects from all corners of the earth and also to feast your eyes on a beautiful spectrum of dancing colours as butterflies of species from all over the world perform their natural behaviour of flitting from flower to flower collecting nectar for food.

Happy Bee Farm

In Happy Bee Farm, visitors will get to see first-hand on how the bee farm is operated as colony of bees naturally forage for sweet nectar on their own without any intervention or assistance from the human hand. In the highlands, imagine the pure natural goodness of honey produced from the vast genus of flora and fauna that can only be found abundant in a rainforest that is dwindling in numbers as we speak. Packed with high proteins and  nutrients, Happy Bee Farm honey can be enjoyed by all young and old, in different forms of consumption. A stroll through our honey counter will provide you with many creative ideas to prepare honey in a wide list of recipes or to apply honey as a healing property.

Happy Bee Farm aims to educate its visitors on honey bee and how important they are to our food supply through pollination. Our farm offers a lot of information on bee products such as bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis, comb honey, etc. We take pride at offering the best honey bee products in the market and many visitors to the farm have been thrilled to discover live bee section as well as live bee habitat viewing; giving them a first-hand  experience and contact with mother nature's wonder, learning the whole process of bee farming from beginning to the end, with beekeeping experts nearby that visitors can rely on for advice or information.

Insect World

In addition to bees, we also have a huge collection of bugs to be appreciated in Insect World. It is a chance not to be missed as visitors will get to see the many live attractions of bug specimens that will tickle your mind with its peculiar natural forms, colours and sizes.

By taking the insect tour guided by an insect expert, visitors will learn many facts and information during their walkabout in Insect World, from exhibit to exhibit; educating insect specimens and their ecosystem to the visiting group and this is definitely a boon for the young ones.

Butterfly Wonderland

Our newest recently added attraction, Butterfly Wonderland, has made many visitors excited as this area is not enclosed but an open playground for butterflies to socialise with visitors walking through the specially built landscaped garden; designed with a waterfall flowing with natural crystal clear water channelled from the highlands. Within the waterfall landscape, visitors can also enjoy the scenic views of Japanese Koi fishes and fresh water turtles that enhance the scenic view of highland serenity.

A highly innovative outdoor rainforest environment designed to capture the interests of butterflies, visitors will be welcomed with butterflies collecting flower nectar from the nearby plants and be enchanted as many species of butterflies roam around the area and possibly, a butterfly or two will personally “call” on a visitor by settling or perching on a friendly shoulder or finger.

Therefore hurry and make your way down to our Bee Farm, Insect World and Butterfly Wonderland as a visit will leave you with new knowledge of bees, insects and butterflies that is educational and for a delightful experience that will last a lifetime.

We are open daily from 9.30am to 9.30pm

"The key to nature's therapy is feeling like a tiny part of it, not a master over it. There's amazing pride in seeing a bee land on a flower you planted - but that's not your act of creation, it's your act of joining in."

- Victoria Caren Mitchell